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Tree Removal, Sod Installation, Landscaping, Yard Work, Flower Bed Maintenance, Leaf Removal, Yard Clean Up, Lawn Care, Land Clearing, Pest Control in Tulsa, OK, Broken Arrow, OK, Coweta, OK, Catoosa, OK Jenks, OK, Collinsville, OK, Glenpool, OK and Near You

Dun' Dirt Cheap Lawn & Landscape

Best, Professional Tree Removal, Lawn Care, Pest Control, Lawn Mowing, Lawn Maintenance, Tree Trimming, Dirt Work, Land Clearing, Landscaping, Flower Bed Maintenance, Sod Installation, Grass Seeding, Leaf Removal, Brush Clearing, Seasonal Spring Yard Clean Up, Fall Yard Cleanup, Christmas Lights Installation and  Service Company in Tulsa, OK, Broken Arrow, OK, Bixby, OK, Jenks, OK, Owasso, OK, Collinsville, OK Sand Springs, OK Sapulpa, OK and near you

Expert Tree Care, Lawn Care, Landscaping, Pest Control & Land Clearing, Maintenance Services

Dun' Dirt Cheap Lawn & Landscape provides professional tree removal, lawn care, mowing & maintenance, landscaping, land clearing, brush clearing, dirt work, garden design, leaf removaltree services, mulching, sprinkler systems & more. Serving Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Owasso, Coweta, Catoosa, Sapulpa, Collinsville, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Bixby OK and nearby. Our team utilizes quality materials to keep your yard beautiful and thriving year round.

Lawn Care Lawn Mowing Lawn Maintenance B
  • Lawn Care Service

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Weed Whacking

  • Scheduled Lawn Maintenance

  • Brush Hogging

  • Overgrowth Clearing & Control

Landscaping, Garden Design, Flower Bed Maintenance, Weeding in Tulsa, OK and Near You
  • Landscape Design

  • Garden Design

  • Landscape Maintenance

  • Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

  • Backyard Landscape

  • Flower Bed Planting & Maintenance

  • Perennial & Annual Planting, Design & Maintenance

  • New Bed Design & Installation

  • Garden Prep & Flower Bed Maintenance

  • Weeding

  • Full Service, Custom Landscaping

  • Weed Control & Weed Barrier

  • Mulch & Gravel Installation

  • Fence Line Clearing, Overgrowth Removal & Management

leaf removal Leaf Removal_Limb Removal_D
  • Leaf Removal

  • Limb Removal

  • Debris & Trash Removal

  • Haul Off, Hauling Services

  • Fall Cleanup

  • Yard Clean up

Tree Removal tree trimming service Shrub
  • Shrub, Hedge, Bush Trimming

  • Tree Service

  • Tree Trimming

  • Canopy Lifting

  • Tree Removal

  • Shrub Removal

  • Stump Grinding

lawn maintenance grass solutions Sod Ins
  • Sod Installation

  • Grass Seeding

  • Lawn Aeration

  • Healthy Grass Solutions

materials delivery Soil Delivery_Mulch D
  • Soil Delivery

  • Mulch Delivery

  • Sand Delivery

  • Stone, Brick & Paver Delivery

  • Gravel Delivery

  • Sod Delivery

  • Plant Delivery

dirt work land clearing Dirt Work Recomm
  • Dirt Work Recommendations

  • Grading

  • Leveling

  • Sod & Seed Prep

  • Erosion Solutions & Control

  • Dirt, Sand, Shale, Gravel Fill Ins

  • Grass Removal

  • Dirt & Soil Delivery

  • Flower Bed Soil Delivery & Install

  • Garden Soil Delivery & Install

  • Brush Removal

  • Land Clearing

  • Gravel Driveways

  • Drainage

spraying for bugs pest cognrol.jpg
  • Ant Spray

  • Flies 

  • Mice

  • Termite Inspection and Spraying

  • Bed Bug Treatment

  • Crickets

  • Termites

  • Silverfish

  • Mosquitos

  • Cockroaches

  • Other Rodents

  • & more

irrigation installation sprinkler system
  • Irrigation and Drainage

  • Drainage System Installs

  • French Drain

  • Water Pooling Solutions

  • Gravel & Stone Drainage Ditches

  • Retaining Wall

  • Sprinkler System Install & Repair

hardscape Hardscape Design_Paver Pathway
  • Hardscape Design

  • Paver Pathways

  • Flagstone Pathways

  • Cobblestone

  • Stone Bed Borders

  • Brick Work

  • Gravel Pathways

  • Driveway & Patio Extensions

  • Brick Paver Patios

  • Paver Patio, Concrete Patios

  • Stepping Stone Pathways

  • Trash Receptable Area Solutions

  • Fire Pit Design & Install

  • Concrete Curbing

  • Concrete Landscape Edging

Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting Christmas & Holiday Lig
  • Christmas & Holiday Light Installations

  • Outdoor Lighting Planning

  • Solar Lighting Installations

& More

tree removal tree trimminggardening yard
  • And SO MUCH MORE! These projects are not an all inclusive list of our services, please feel free to inquire.

Lawn Care
Leaf Removal & Yard Clean Up
Tree Services
Lawn Maintenance
Pest Control & Exterminaton
Irrigation & Drainage
Outdoor Lighting
Land Clearing, Dirt Work

About Dun​' Dirt Cheap

Let us take the work out of yard work!

Dun' Dirt Cheap Lawn & Landscape began from the very bottom with a beat up old truck, a donated push mower and two women with an incredible drive to prove ourselves in a male-dominated industry. We have since expanded our team and service areas but remain female-owned. We continue to operate with one goal in provide our lawn care, leaf, grass, tree services along with hardscaping and more with reasonable pricing, reliable scheduling and remarkable results. 

Lawn Care, Mowing and Maintenance, Landscaping, Leaf removal, Tree Services, Grass Seeding, Sod Installation, Yard Clean Up, Flower Beds Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Catoosa, Coweta, Collinsville, Bixby
Lawn Mowing, Maintenance, Lawn Care, Landscaping Garden Design, Yard Work, Season Change Clean Up, Tree Trimming Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Owasso, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Bixby, Collinsville, Coweta, Catoosa

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See What Our Client's Say

Before you came, we were trying to get our yard under control by ourselves and it was not going well. At all. We definitely needed some professional help!

These wonderful women did such a great job! I can’t thank you enough, because of you our boys will be able to play in the yard safely! We are so happy we contacted you, and I have been showing off pictures of the yard to anyone who will look at them since you finished

Paula B.


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